Thursday, December 18, 2008

Katie's "Baby Mamma" Shower

This Picture of the pregnant girls cracks me up purely because of Anna's outfit and Jonna's torpedo belly. I can stare at this and laugh for hours. I do remember the gum sticking all around Anna's mouth when the bubble popped! Speaking of pop....which prego will pop first!

(missing from the picture are Shira & Stephanie...where were you guys? Barfing somewhere?)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flooding up in the neighbor-HOOD!

Last Thursday a butt-load of rain came down early in the morning and our friends were waking up to ankle deep water in their houses. My friend's front yard had waist deep water and she saw the neighbor kid do a cannon ball off of the back of a car!

Another friend had their sewer back up (so gross) and there was MAYHEM and FOOLISHNESS everywhere!

here are some pics of the day...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beat Boxing Flute?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My twin Belly at 4 months! (in the middle of my 17th week)

The butt is still big. I have seen them both move now! Well, I did have food poisoning when it happened so maybe they were just freaking out too.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving! The celebration of Pale Faces taking things that dont belong to them.

I dont know if 2 posts in one day is against that law....but whatever!

There were 19 people, 2 kids, and 2 babies! There was so much yummy food and couldn't even handle it! There were lots of leftovers except for turkey. We devoured 2 whole turkey lurkey's!

OK, so I reused some of the tea party decorations...what of it!

We found this Indian boy playing in the rocks so we gave him food and shelter. He tried to bite Corbin when first found but we taught him the ways of the pale face and now he shakes hands instead. It was much like the first thanksgiving!

Anna's Shower

I took forever to post these and I have no excuse! I threw a Tea Party/Baby Shower for Anna Kessie and so many people dressed up! It was so awesome! Here is Anna and Bille in their ensembles: ( Bille won the prize for best dressed)

Here is a picture of the tea party table while we ate:

After we ate:

During one of the games everyone had to mold a baby out of clay in 60 seconds. We made the boys play too:

The baby on the left was the winner (it was made by Katie Speed)

I love the middle one because it is a sperm and egg (I dont know who did it but you are awesome!)

And here is a group photo: (Meg was in the other room tending to little Indie)

I cant wait to see The Kessie's little bundle of Joy! He should arrive around Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a Girl ............. AND a Boy!!!

That's right, it's a GIRL! . . . AND a BOY!!!
Definitly a girl in the one above (notice the lack of what the nurse called a "turtle"). Below is the wild and crazy boy (he has a "turtle"). Anyone else feel these pictures are a little invasive?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I started my 14 th week (2nd trimester)

I still feel like there is no way possible for my stomach to catch up with my BUTT! Chris thinks I am carrying one baby in my butt and the other in my uterus. I guess they will have plenty of room?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A NIght of Fright!

There were 3 very scary things that happened last night:

1) While watching the movie 'THE HAPPENING" out side with the projector in the dark, a random OLD couple walked to my backyard which was in front of the screen. It was about 9 or 10pm? What were they doing? Were they lost? Where they ghosts? They didn't say a word!!!!! So SCARY!

2)Corbin took off half of his clothes and sprawled out asleep on the floor and rolled into everyones personal space. I woke up laughing about that this funny and SCARY!

3)This woman showed up to the party and I think she had hairy armpits? SCARY!!

All of the PREGNANT woman...

Chrissy and Jonna had a bump competition...

We ate melted Witch (guacamole), Spiderweb pumpkin cupcakes, white chocolate Ghost lollipops, meatball Eyeballs, Chocolate pretzel Spiders, and punch with floating ice hands....

Come on people now, smile on your brother...

When MR. and MRS. Ketchup N' Mustard showed up the first thing out of Corbin's mouth was "I really want a hamburger with some french fries right now!" I personally thought a huge HOT DOG was gonna come walking through the door at any moment...

Super Corbin has 'Narcoleptic-Stripping' powers, Super Meg has 'Creative' powers (she can make anything out of anything), and Super Indie can baby-puke on her enemies if they try to get her!

I stole these images from Jonna's blog cause our camera was out of batteries...I am missing a picture of Brent-the-Baker and Zane-the-square-dancing-partner! Please post them so that I can steal them!

Earlier that day:

Katie and Anna and I went surfing as a Pumpkin-Belly, Marianne, and a Dirty old P.E. Teacher...

If you look close at this picture, my bald cap looks like a devise used to prevent pregnancy...

Katie and I catching a HUGE wave! (not)

Thanks Brent for taking so many pics of us even though you were sick.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I might only wear ONE costume this year!

I know, I know....I usually say it is some how against the law to wear only one costume for Halloween. I usually have 4-5 outfit changes for different parties during the week of Halloween but this year I am not feeling like gettin' crazy.

So far I have only made one costume and I sure hope you can tell what it is! Yes my fur wrap is hideous! No spots at all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Watch my sista Bon-Qui-Qui

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One more year until I am 30. I actually think turning 30 is kind of cool. I have a whole year to make sure I accomplish a few more things. I think I am making good timing.

So far I have:
-Married the most awesome man
-We live in Hawaii and can surf whenever (except for right now with the twins)
-I have gone to international destinations
-I learned how to design clothes
What I have left to accomplish before my 30th b-day:
-Birth these babies
-Start my first clothing line
-Have Harrison Ford teach me to fly a plane.
I have almost completed my list! Things look promising. So here is what I did yesterday:
-Chris surprised me with a strawberry cupcake and a card when I woke up (I had been craving one so bad!!!)
-Then Chris surprised me with an awesome Cinderella Castle cake (because I cant go to Disneyland)
-I had to take the Hawaii written Drivers Test ....and I passed!
-I threw up my lunch in true pregnant style
-Had a personal Birthday serenade from Klai and Rykel and a birthday smoothie!
-Got a balloon and toys from Doretha (love them)
-Went to Haleiwa Joes with super fun friends and received the best Birthday cards and presents (I made good use of the rubber band gun my cousin Robin gave me...Chris was my moving target)
-And finally, the cupcake queen Katie brought me more pink cupcakes!! But the poor pregnant girl tripped while getting in the car and.... well.....see the picture for's so funny!
Thanks everyone for the best Birthday Wishes Ever!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged...

Good ole' Shira Dickson tagged me and I'm supposed to tell 6 unspectacular quirks about myself and then tag six fellow bloggers. I asked Chris if I had any quirks and he immediately started spatting out about 40-50 quirks I "supposedly" have. I tried to type as fast as he spoke, so here goes....

1. I Sleep with my eyes half open. This is something I have no control over and yet all of my friends would tease me at sleepovers in Jr. High. I know it's creepy but what can a girl do? This year I had a sleep over with all of my Beehives and they tried to play a trick on me when I was sleeping but they thought I was awake and were scared because I was STARING at them. Ha Ha, that's what they get.

2. I Cant make a normal burp sound... I just say the word "Uhhh" really loud and thats my burp. I have to help the burp out making that weird noise which sounds like the word "Uhhh" and the burp comes out fine. Otherwise it will be stuck in there forever. Needless to say, it annoys Chris like crazy.

3. I record episodes of "I love Lucy" on the cable DVR and I never erase them. This leaves absolutely no room for anything else to be recorded and Chris gets bummed. He will ask me to erase some and I will only be able to delete 1 episode. Maybe Chris should buy the complete series of I love Lucy for me and I can delete them from the cable box. I already own season 2!?

4. Just like Lindsay Huish said when she was tagged.... I never finish books. I read them when I have down time and then things pick up and I put them aside. I have 4 books stacked on each other with bookmarks in them waiting to be finished and I have a book at Barnes and Nobles that I read when ever I have time to go in there. Whats worse is I recommend these books to others but have to tell them sorry cause I cant loan it out.... I have not FINISHED the darn thing yet!

5. I watch TV shows about Haunted History and real Ghost experiences and I get terrified at night ( I can't watch scary movies though)! I cant even run to the bathroom and the toilet is literally 8 feet from my bed! I usually pray my guts out and make promises with the Man Upstairs to please help me not be scared. Then as time goes by I break the promise by watching ghost stories again and the cycle repeats itself. Will I ever learn?

6. Just like the little girl from the movie SIGNS, I think my water glass is contaminated. If I am home for a full day you can expect to see 8-10 water glasses sitting on the table. I feel like after time dust and germs float into my glass and ruin the water. I also think that my own mouth bacteria contaminates the glass after so many sips. I can drink a full glass of water and never refill it.... I just get a new one.

So now I tag Mayra Thompson, Stephanie Robertson, Doretha Price, Heidi Doxey, Corbin Thomander and DEVIN DICKSON!

Friday, September 12, 2008

There is a BABY LOVES DISCO party this month.

Who will loan me there child so that I can go and not look like a creep? I want to stake out the scene so that I can copy it here in Laie. Mine will be cheap and the cover charge will probably involve a small donation to a local children's cause instead of a $12 donation. Lets face it, we are in Mormon land and no Mormon wants to pay for anything. Who will loan me there kid? Preferably one that cannot walk (they are free.....remember, I am Mormon and want free things).

BABY LOVES DISCO information:

September 20th, 2-5 pm at the O'Lounge in the Ala Moana shopping center (I think it's the top floor).


Look what I just discovered.....BABY LOVES DISCO! Have you ever heard of it? Check out this Youtube video of a BABY Disco in New York. They are REAL and I want to do one in Laie. Can you dig it?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I HAVE HAD MANY PROBLEMS WITH MY FEMALE SYSTEM and have not been able to get pregnant. I finally know exactly what is wrong with my body, I have severe and aggressive Endometriosis.
I HAD 2 SURGERIES this year that took care of most of my endometriosis but it was growing back way to fast. The Dr's advised that I hurry and start Invitro before the endometriosis returns.
I OVULATE JUST FINE BUT WAS UNABLE TO GET THE EGG TO THE WOMB. Cysts would form over endometrian tissues on my Ovaries and would block the eggs from escaping. My tubes had a lot of scarring from the endometriosis and were heavily blocked. So even if my eggs could escape, they couldn't get down the slide to the fun uterus.
THIS CAUSED ME TO BE INFERTILE. Reality of my infertility situation set in when I read a document from my doctor that labeled me "unable to conceive". It was a little weird for me to take in because ever since I was was very young, I was sure I would have my own BRADY BUNCH.
WE WERE DIRECTED TO ONE OF THE BEST INVITRO DOCTORS ON THE ISLAND: DR. BENTON CHUN. He is very funny which is always a plus in my book. He was able to perform both surgeries with my gynecologist Dr. Angela Pratt so he really knows my situation.
In July, the INVITRO PROCESS STARTED. I took birth control to regulate my cycle and to keep cysts from forming (that didnt help much since they showed up anyway.) At one point I was taking 8 MEDICATIONS A DAY, all separate from each other and ALL with food!

THEN THE SHOTS BEGAN. I had to give myself shots in the thigh and abdomen every morning and night. These shots were making my ovaries produce multiple eggs at one time and also kept the eggs from releasing. The nurse said it was like having 2 bunches of grapes in your abdomen. I was so bloated!

NEXT, I WAS PUT UNDER AND MY EGGS WERE RETRIEVED. This took place on Sunday, August 17th. They put a long bendable needle through my female system and poked through all of the follicles on my ovaries to retrieve as many eggs as possible.
10 EGGS WERE RETRIEVED AND 8 WERE FERTILIZED. We then went back to the Dr. 3 days later on Wed. to put the healthy embryo's in. We were told that they had a 70% chance to survive.
When we arrived at the Dr.'s office he said that 2 EMBRYO'S WERE THE STRONGEST and that the other 6 need to mature a little more.
WE HAVE WANTED BOY AND GIRL TWINS so bad. I asked the Dr. if he knew the sex of the embryo's and he said they were a BOY AND A GIRL! Chris and I looked at each other like we were 2 underaged kids who just WON the lottery. This is the picture he gave us of our embryo's.

WE WERE ABLE TO WATCH THE EMBRYO IMPLANTING THROUGH ULTRASOUND. I was awake and on Valium and Chris was sitting next to me. The embryo's were implanted through a catheter and then the dr. left the room and Chris and I were alone. I had to lay down for 20 minutes and not move. The office radio then played Cher's hit "If I Could Turn Back Time" and Chris and I started laughing. As we left the room the song "Eye of the Tiger" played and Chris said it was the embryo's theme song to hang on and fight to survive in their new home (my uterus)!
I HAD TO SPEND THE NEXT 24 HOURS ON BED REST and 2 days of house rest and take it easy for the next couple of weeks.
11 DAYS AFTER THE IMPLANTING WE FOUND OUT WE WERE PREGNANT! We had a picture taken of the embryo's on the 11th day and this is what they look like now.

I'll update again later. I hope this gives you a better idea of the Invitro process.

Friday, August 22, 2008

'Vintage Fashion Show' pictures now available!

The amazing Mark Lee just released the photos from the Vintage Fashion Show we put on in July. Go to and click on proofing, then click on Laie Fashion Show.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ashley. I was not able to watch her skate in person but she looks so awesome skating in the 'Delmar Vintage' SQUARE DANCING dress!

Kallie Rocks of course.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just a few new pictures

When the fabulous Jim and Jenny Brown came to visit, we discovered Electric Beach. First we swam with dolphins, second time we saw a little white tip shark. I (Chris) got this shot of a turtle on the second day as we were headed in. Only slightly doctored up in photoshop.
OK, so Jackie took this one of me skating the ramp. Definitely a little help from photoshop with the background and zoom in on the wheel, but the skating is real. . . I promise. More ramp pictures to come of the friends and I.