Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving! The celebration of Pale Faces taking things that dont belong to them.

I dont know if 2 posts in one day is against that law....but whatever!

There were 19 people, 2 kids, and 2 babies! There was so much yummy food and couldn't even handle it! There were lots of leftovers except for turkey. We devoured 2 whole turkey lurkey's!

OK, so I reused some of the tea party decorations...what of it!

We found this Indian boy playing in the rocks so we gave him food and shelter. He tried to bite Corbin when first found but we taught him the ways of the pale face and now he shakes hands instead. It was much like the first thanksgiving!

Anna's Shower

I took forever to post these and I have no excuse! I threw a Tea Party/Baby Shower for Anna Kessie and so many people dressed up! It was so awesome! Here is Anna and Bille in their ensembles: ( Bille won the prize for best dressed)

Here is a picture of the tea party table while we ate:

After we ate:

During one of the games everyone had to mold a baby out of clay in 60 seconds. We made the boys play too:

The baby on the left was the winner (it was made by Katie Speed)

I love the middle one because it is a sperm and egg (I dont know who did it but you are awesome!)

And here is a group photo: (Meg was in the other room tending to little Indie)

I cant wait to see The Kessie's little bundle of Joy! He should arrive around Christmas!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a Girl ............. AND a Boy!!!

That's right, it's a GIRL! . . . AND a BOY!!!
Definitly a girl in the one above (notice the lack of what the nurse called a "turtle"). Below is the wild and crazy boy (he has a "turtle"). Anyone else feel these pictures are a little invasive?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I started my 14 th week (2nd trimester)

I still feel like there is no way possible for my stomach to catch up with my BUTT! Chris thinks I am carrying one baby in my butt and the other in my uterus. I guess they will have plenty of room?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A NIght of Fright!

There were 3 very scary things that happened last night:

1) While watching the movie 'THE HAPPENING" out side with the projector in the dark, a random OLD couple walked to my backyard which was in front of the screen. It was about 9 or 10pm? What were they doing? Were they lost? Where they ghosts? They didn't say a word!!!!! So SCARY!

2)Corbin took off half of his clothes and sprawled out asleep on the floor and rolled into everyones personal space. I woke up laughing about that this funny and SCARY!

3)This woman showed up to the party and I think she had hairy armpits? SCARY!!

All of the PREGNANT woman...

Chrissy and Jonna had a bump competition...

We ate melted Witch (guacamole), Spiderweb pumpkin cupcakes, white chocolate Ghost lollipops, meatball Eyeballs, Chocolate pretzel Spiders, and punch with floating ice hands....

Come on people now, smile on your brother...

When MR. and MRS. Ketchup N' Mustard showed up the first thing out of Corbin's mouth was "I really want a hamburger with some french fries right now!" I personally thought a huge HOT DOG was gonna come walking through the door at any moment...

Super Corbin has 'Narcoleptic-Stripping' powers, Super Meg has 'Creative' powers (she can make anything out of anything), and Super Indie can baby-puke on her enemies if they try to get her!

I stole these images from Jonna's blog cause our camera was out of batteries...I am missing a picture of Brent-the-Baker and Zane-the-square-dancing-partner! Please post them so that I can steal them!

Earlier that day:

Katie and Anna and I went surfing as a Pumpkin-Belly, Marianne, and a Dirty old P.E. Teacher...

If you look close at this picture, my bald cap looks like a devise used to prevent pregnancy...

Katie and I catching a HUGE wave! (not)

Thanks Brent for taking so many pics of us even though you were sick.