Monday, November 30, 2009


First we removed the Turkey from the fridge...

Then washed it...Then seasoned it...

Then stuffed it...Then cooked it with love and an apple.

While it cooked we the wives went surfing...
(This is me, Katie, Meg and Jonna...if you can see our heads)The babies chilled with was really windy.

They finally get to wear their hoodies.

One little, two little three little Indians.... (so not politically correct)
The Indians attacking the Pilgrim...

Indie picked a winner.

Brighton was all smiles.
Dexter trying to sound out a word.

The babies chilled with Daddy before he left for the Marshall Islands and Guam for 12 DAYS!
I love my family!

This is Darla wearing a vintage romper that I ordered on ebay. It is supposed to be from the 1940's. It's handmade and so cute on her.

Once a day I feed the babies in the tub and hose them off afterwards. If they have a rash from a new food that they have tried then I put warm water and baking soda in the bumbo so their bums can soak in it. It helps soothe and heal the rash. They love to bang around in there and make loud noises. Sorry Neighbors!!!
After bath time we compared their butt size. Darla definitely has a bigger rump....I dont know WHERE she got it from.....

They ALWAYS play together. So far I have only had to break up one fight. Dexter had Darla against the wall and he was repeatedly rolling her into the baseboard. She was pretty mad at him. HE smiled the whole time. Thats what happens from months of bullying from Darla!

Eliza loves to laugh at Dexter when he is doing nothing. When the twins were inside of me they would go crazy and kick whenever I held baby Eliza. It was cool.

Chris is 31, has 2 kids and tried to grow a mustache for Mo-vember. Maybe it was a bad idea. This is over 3 weeks of growth. I told him to fill the blonde hairs in with brown mascara. He refused. The good part is that he really just needs to shave twice a week. How easy! I dont like hair anyway. He is perfect for me.Chris made this beauty for Dex. I call it a "Tummy time Surf Mat"

complete with a tri-fin system.

He was stoked to paddle out on it.Brin took a turn....

...she stood up on her first try!
Chris is making a skate mat for be continued...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spot light on Darla (she is one minute older)

Darla likes to get on all fours and scoot back and forth.

She likes Poi. Rice Cereal, Sweet Potato, Yogurt...but hates Avocado.

Her Blood type is A+.

She likes to take any toy that Dexter has...she is such a bully.

She will sleep 14-16 if nobody wakes her up..too bad loud mouth Dexter makes Sure she wakes up at 7:30am!

She will smile at anyone all day long. She is such a ham.

She is not afraid of strangers which could be a bad thing in the future.

She never cries unless she is hungry.

She has visited Atlanta, southern California, Washington D.C., and Disneyland 3 times.

I love hanging out with her and I cant wait to make cookies together while wearing fluffy aprons!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Jessie Spano promoting her caffeine pills...
Jessie from the work out video episode...

Slater trying to hit on screech's girl Violet...He stole the phone from Preppy.... then they made a love child...

Here he is cussing out preppy!

The ever gorgeous Kelly...
Kelly when she used Zit off before the homecoming game!
Mr. Beldings Niece who came to visit and went on a date with Zack....boy was Kelly jealous.
Mr Belding when he grew a stache in that one episode...

from left to right:
Zack - Meg - Screech

Lisa Turtle was there but I have no photo's? I'm so bummed...she looked great as usual.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Solid Food and Teeth!

This morning Chris saw a tooth in Darla's mouth. She has never shown any signs that she was in pain so I didnt know it was happening.

I love her face.

It's on the bottom left...

Dexter was jealous and tried to show us his tooth....but it was invisible.
Then he got really JEALOUS and started beating Darla up..
...right after this picture was taken he threw up in her EYE!!!! it was so gross...I wish I had a picture of it cause it was insane!Their first food was Poi and we gave it to them about 3 weeks ago. It is easier to digest than Rice cereal and is loaded with nutrients. They both LOVE it! Then they tried avacado. Dexter loved it but Darla did not.

In this video she actually says YUCK!

Then they tried yogurt. Darla like it Dexter did not. He eventually warmed up to it. Now they pound their chairs to show their love for food!!

Then they took a bath to clean up. Since they suck on the side of the bumbo between bites, we had to wash everyone and everything!!

We love these kids!!

Chris made this monster for them today.

HE's CRAFTY...he's just my type.