Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby surf day

So Brighton took Indie and Eliza out to show them how to surf. Eliza did good but Indie ditched the board and got washed in the barrel. They have a lot more practicing to do.

They were talking about skating next week.

My DIET isnt working...I seem to be gaining weight?

BAM! today I am 29 weeks.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chris and Jesse's first Waimea Session

This was actually 2 weeks ago. They were both excited to have surfed there. Doretha and I patiently sat on the hot beach planning our futures as widows.

It was hard to see them actually surfing because it was far away. But I did happen to see Chris catch a wave and also EAT IT on another.

I looked up to find the father of my unborn babies diving over the top of a wave while his 9' board was perfectly vertical and sliding down the face of the wave. I dont know the size of the wave but his 9' board looked tiny compared to the face of the wave. His leash snapped and I watched his board get dragged towards shore. Then I finally saw his little head ducking under big wave after big wave. He said it was the longest he has ever been held under.

His board cut his shin just before the leash snapped and he is SOOOO happy to have a reminder of his session on his body. I am sure he will tell his Grand children about it, if he lives to meet them. I was just glad to know that we have 2 frozen Embryo's from our last Invitro session just in case I have to reproduce on my own.

Little Elizabeth was so cute that day. This nasty dog kept coming over to us and she loved it. This crazy homeless lady also kept trying to give Elizabeth donuts and toys earlier that day. Jesse kept telling the lady that Elizabeth was not hungry as Elizabeth stretched her arms towards the donuts.

The lady also yelled to me "I''m Sorry! I'm sorry for what he did to you!!". She was referring to Chris knocking me up.

The next day I had my last Pregnant surf session at Pu'ana Point. Ever see a fat lady try to Knee paddle?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brighton's Barrel

Jonna and Dan don't know this, but I kidnapped Brighton this morning and took her to Pipeline. After watching the surfers she said she wanted to give it a shot. I told her that it was a RIDICULOUS idea and that I would not allow it until she was at least 4 months old.

After a few waves the locals were calling her the "Queen of Backdoor". I guess I was wrong....she was ready!

Here is the proof...

She was so good she didn't even get her hair wet. What a natural.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Desparate Housewive's Surfing Trip

I saw Meg's post and thought I would post my pics too. Yes we missed you Shira and Katie. You guys were probably playing Nertz somewhere in Orange County.

I decided that I would not paddle on my belly any more after this day. Not only was the current strong, but my body is NOT! I caught a tiny wave on the inside just to prove that "I still got it" but in reality I "Don't Got It!"

Meg made it out the farthest so she is our Hero of the day, this pic below is of her. Anna and Jonna came in second place for getting out past the first current barrier and I came in last. But I was surfing for 3 so that should count for something.

Chris's 31st Birthday!

We had a "Mini-Burger Bar" Party for him on sunday. It was yummy. This is a picture of Chris with favorite midgets.

Surfing at 25 weeks with twins

I think my belly looks weirder than I thought. It looks like someone was messing with Photoshop and stretched my belly forward. And I wore a bikini so that people would know that I was pregnant and not just fat.

I didnt catch anything this day but I did the week before.