Monday, October 26, 2009

Designer Babies!

The High Fashion queen of bling (Aunty Ruby) left her belongings at our house last night and Darla and Brin were in Designer Heaven!!!

Darla made Brin swear she would never tell Aunt Ruby what they were about to do! Brin agreed.

First, Darla paired the sparkle hills and Couch camera purse with her own fur ensemble.

Brin decided to go for the naked look to take the focus off of the outfit and leave the accessories to shine.

Nice Stems Darla!

When Brin saw the poperazzi she hid behind the Dior shades...

Can't see me People Magazine spies!!

Darla tried to claim the Louis Vuitton purse by marking her territory with a lick..

Now Aunt Ruby..... how could you ever be mad at these 2 faces!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Darla's Halloween Costume.....

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Lets Get Up To Date . . . again. . . sorry

So back in July '09 . . .

The kids met all the Kontoes family. Mom, Dad, Boo, Boo's baby Betty, and Kimmie (she was working, sorry Kimmie).
We stayed with Jeff Montgomery, Chris's best friend from forever ago. He's got two mini Jeffs, Hayden and Ty-ty. Ty-ty got tired, Dex is a big boy.
Here's Dr. Jeff and Rachel.
And here is Grandma Thompson with the kidos. They liked her. Especially liked kicking like mad when she tried to feed them their bottles.
We attended Indie's 1st Birthday. Yeah Indie! Check out their blog for Indie's first steps, Corbin was excited! What a proud daddy.
Indie IS older, so she gets channel changing privileges when they hang.
Everyone gets tired, even the big kids.
Another Saturday at the beach. Better get use to it kids.
5 months now and getting bigger... and sometimes they DRINK TOO MUCH.