Monday, January 28, 2008

OK, Fine... Are you all happy now?

Well, it appears that Jackie and I have received enough crap about not updating this thing that here I am...updating. No baby yet in either of our tummies...regardless of what Cardin thinks, its just food. Well, that's about it. Nothing really changed all that much, besides... we see most of you (or at least speak with you) multiple times a week. I guess I'll try to scrounge up a few new pictures or something.


Here is a photo summary (sorry about the turned over pics, too much effort to figure out how to turn them, just kink your head to the side and you should be fine).

We went to the Big Island for my Birthday in '07

and ended Jackies Day Care.
I built new shaping racks and a new board (well, the board is getting older now).

Jackie and Robin went to the Kokua Festival and met up with some of our Townie friends.
Then we went to California and partied like rockstars at a Bree+Leif's wedding and saw some famous people at the Pirates Red Carpet.

Thanks for looking at us Johnny! (with heavy sarcasim)

Jackie went to the dentist (shhh, she might not know I snuck this one in)
I got my killer job in the UH Oceanography Dept. Here is the Lanai tide station I helped with. I also went to Cape Verde, Senegal, and the Azores for work. One day I will post some pictures of that trip, all the pics are on my work computer now.
Jackie cut my hair for the 1st time ever...
And I tried bleaching hers! What happened? Where did the blue come from...I didn't do it!
Thanksgiving was at our house where Pilgrim Corbin carved his 1st turkey. Thanks for showing up all ya all. We had some good grinds. Who made those crunchy sweet sweet potatos?

Disater struck in the form of a heavy storm and the power went out for a whole day. Powerlines were down and crossing some roads so we were trapped and couldn't get to work, so... oh darn we had to surf all day (secret spot...if you were there you know where this was)

For Christmas, we had a pretty sad tree. Charlie Brown style. And went to oregon to spend time with the lovable Browns. We also snowboarded with the Moss's (formerly of the 808 state).

That just about wraps up 2007. Keep checking back and we'll have some 2008 pics up soon (yeah right, but we'll try better this year).

Peace Out and watch LOST for the TV debut of our Laie Family. (I heard that Kate's Attorney was supposed to be a lot better looking but the originally cast person couldn't make it)