Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dexter taking a beating from older cousin Julian

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Some things we did while dad is away.

While daddy is gone for 12 days to the Marshall Islands and Guam, we did a few things Like:

Get new tires on the car...

Darla perfected her down-dog position...

Had a Pot Luck at church. Jenny and Cavin had fun holding Darla and Dexter. Jenny always wants to watch them and Cavin LOVES DARLA!!! I asked why he likes to always hold Darla and he said that Dexter kicks him so it is hard to hold on to him. Darla and Cavin have a 6 year difference...they could totally get married one day!!!! We love little Cavin. Even though he thought Chris was a stripper by profession. Yes...when asked by his parents what Chris does for work he said Chris goes to work NAKED with his clothes in his back pack. His parents were laughing when they told me this and I was shocked and embarrassed... then I realized that Chris would go surf in the mornings when I would babysit Cavin and Chris would bring his clothes in his back pack for work. He would leave the house in board shorts and no NAKED I guess? So funny.

After church we went to the Bennett's to hang for a minute. Shae was rolling his toy car on Dexter's back. What buddy's they will be in the future!

The next day Darla took a 4 hour nap!! From 8am-12 noon!!!!!! She did not even flinch when I snapped the flash in her face. Then she still took a 2 hour after noon nap. What a good Beauty sleeper!

And of course...while she was sleeping I committed the sin of dressing Dex like a woman against his will. But we have already talked about this.

And you wonder where Chris gets the cross dressing from? Chris has more cleavage than me!
DADDY....COME HOME!!!!!!!!! we are going to head to California today til daddy gets back...We have new cousin baby Elizabeth to meet and cousin Julian to hang with.

...and Disneyland to visit. Yes I have a California drivers license for the sole purpose of having a southern california annual Disneyland pass! (It's the cheapest)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dextina - (No, this is not Darla!)

It all started when Dexter tried on Brin's head band....Then DEXTINA came out!

-I know........bad mom!

I promise I will wait until he is older to show him these maybe his 16th birthday when all of his friends are in the room.