Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sawyer Naked?

You remember cousin Robin right, but did you know she was a massage therapist? Oh yes! She works at this way nice spa in Honolulu and they give her the VIP clients all of the time because she is their secret weapon. So the other day she massaged Josh Holloway from Lost...yes...Sawyer! He really did have a cheezy southern accent as well! And he was nice, I know because I was hiding in the room taking a full report for my Blog.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pirated Disneyland photos

For my parents 40th wedding Anniversary we surprised my parents with a siblings only day at Disneyland! We are cheap and took pictures of the pictures with our phones because who wants to spend $10 on a picture of yourself? I'm in it so therefore it's mine!

This is my oldest sister Jennie and I on our very first ride on 'Tower of Terror".

My whole family from top left: James, Jill, Jennie...middle left: Mom, Dad, Jackie...bottom left: Josie, Joanna, Joni.
Joni wore her Unicorn head piece with pride!

Josie and Joanna were released from the mental institution for a brief moment.

This pic has all of the siblings. From back left: Jill, Joni, Jackie, Josie, Joanna, James, Jennie!

James lets loose in true 'Hornhead' fashion.

Comb Over?

This is an old pic of my sister Joanna and I, do I really have a comb over and nobody told me?

I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull's butt, but I'd rather take a butcher's word for it.

After eating all of those tostadas and getting to my ideal weight I thought I would give acting a try. (p.s. Thompson is my maiden name)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Brownies

This is my oldest and wisest sister Jennie and her fun family. They are doing the signature "Brown-Family-Frozen-Upper-Lip-Bunny-Smile"! In age order: Jim, Jennie, Jacob, Ali, Peter, Julie and Kathryn. Yes, Ali is the one making a normal cool teenager smile. Come on Girl!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our House

My good friend Agata took these pictures when she and Bill visited in January. We have since gotten rid of some of those cars.

Here is Agata and Bill at the end of our pretty!

This is a hidden skate park called Grave Side....yes it is by a Grave yard.

This was taken of Melissa and Nick Albee on our hike to Maunawilli Falls. This picture cracks me up for some reason. How cute are they.

Im stuffed!

I've been addicted to homemade tostadas lately. Does it show?

Back in the water after a month!

First day surfing after Surgery recovery. I grunted like an old man just to get up on the board. I'm sure all of the other people in the water thought I was a mental patient. (I stole these pics from Zane's blog, he took the excellent pics)

There is Zane's wife Anna in the background. I wonder if she pretended to not know the mental patient, I would have.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Quarterly Update:

So here is a brief rundown of the past 3 months. We really are trying to Blog more often but we are usually at work and school in town (Honolulu, 1 hour away) and don't seem to find the time. When we are home we are usually making food and watching the Dick Van Dyke Show so you can see that there is little time for extra curricular activities. I don't know how everyone keeps up? Soon we will steps, baby steps.
Well, we ended 2007 in Portland Oregon. On our last day we were able to spend some time with some of my good friends from High school. Kristina Shaw and Natalie Wilson. Natalie and Mark just bought a cute house in Portland and they have 2 gray Hens in there back yard. They don't have names but I wanted to call them Henrietta and Florence.

We went out that night and ate the worlds largest Pita....

Came home and took apart the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (then loaded the dry thing up with fireworks at the beach and set it in FIRE)...

My sister Joni traveled back to New Orleans to march in Harry Connick Jr's Mardi Gras Parade called "Orpheus". She plays a huge drum in a Samba group. Lookin' hot my sista!

Chris turned the big 30 on Feb. 3rd so I threw him a party 'Senior Citizen' style! he made a doodie when we surprised him that night and I was so glad he was all diapered up!

We got the organization bug and pulled everything out of our garage and organized it on the lawn. We gave away %60 of the crap.

The garage was tidy but the overflow....

ended up in the house for more sorting.

Our Cesspool was finally cemented in.

We had crazy surf on the North Shore (pics are of Waimea).

Chris made an "UnBirthday" cake (he said he was hungry for chocolate).

I had surgery for Endometriosis which went well. But I had a slight case of Anemia afterward and my back bruised up. We will start Invitro this summer which means I will be overloaded with Hormone shots and cannot be held responsible for irrational/wacky behavior.

While recovering I learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube... 3 min. is my best time so far.

Our friends Tad and Amber Baltzer and Johnny and Julie B came out to visit and Tad made an illegal left hand turn on his board. His board crashed on his head and part of his fin broke off and was stuck in there!!!!!!!!! The good ol' Kahuku hospital ER gave him a few staples to close it up.

My niece and nephew starred in their High school play "Into the Woods". Ali was crazy Rapunzel and Jacob was Prince Charming. Good job thesbo's!

In my town, the local ranch puts on a huge Easter egg hunt for kids. This includes pony rides, hidden eggs with money, and the Easter Bunny comes riding down the hill on a horse of course!

Easter night we got together with friends and had a jam session...or at least we listened to Nathan and Zane Jam, Folk-Style(watch the video)! Zane's wife Anna made a yummy peach pie, Baby J kissed baby Elizabeth, Taylor beat me at a Rubik's cube match and of course I tortured a cat on the sabbath....Easter Sabbath! What is wrong with me? (watch that video too if you promise not to judge me).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rocky lefts

Here are a few pictures of the surf from when the Beutlers and Baltzers were out here in early March.