Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've been lazy about posting stuff...

So, a few weeks ago we had a YM/YW "Academy Award" themed Senior Dinner Party. My class was in charge and we went over board with fun! The seniors met at my house to get hair and make-up done by Robin and her friend Kristen. Then I rented a Cadillac and picked them up from my house and dropped them off in front of the chruch where all of their families were waiting as paparazzi. The celebrity seniors then worked it down the red carpet. I had an orchestra version of "Hooray for Hollywood" playing in the background.

After the red carpet we had a fake awards ceremony hosted by Chaka Khan's half sister from New Zealand, Chaka Can! She was dressed in a sequin dress with a light brown fro wig. It was hilarious. The seniors received awards for silly things that they had done in their life. For example: Janessa Orme was in a bus accident with her waterpolo team a few months back and she was one of the more injured people on the bus so her award was for "Best stunt woman: in her role as the Kahuku Bus waterpolo accident victim." Each senior talked about their future plans and then we showed a slide show of their lives. The guests filled their stomaches with Lasagna and Garlic Bread.

Then we had everyone head over to the relief society room for " Chaka Can's After Party". We had cake and dancing. I made a music mix with songs from every era so that all ages could enjoy. It was so fun!

Can you see our Bishop gettin' funky with his back facing the camera.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gladys and I are BFF!

So at church on Sunday my friend Katie said, "hey, do you know that's Gladys Knight over there?" Low and behold it was. So I went to introduce myself and Gladys said Hi. Then Katie came over and was talking to them and they knew her by her first name. Katie's coolness points were sky-rocketing in my book! Katie's dad works with the Vegas based Choir doing something (I wasn't paying attention because I was so excited to meet GLADYS!). But anywho, you may all envy me now....or Katie... I guess she knows them better. I guess I will have to stick with my old celebrity BFF's:
*Joey Fatone from NSYNC


*and Joey Lawrence's little brother...whatever his name is?

Life Sucks.

...and yes I know I look hideous in these pictures. I was trying out orange eyeshadow. It makes me look dead, and I can't do much about that mouth of mine. I'm never doing close -ups again!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To Quote Dan Loveridge: "worth it!"

Meg told Anna, who told me, who made Chris get this Free half pipe off of Craigslist in Kaneohe. After hearing about the awesome treasure Meg + Corbin, Anna + Zane, and Chris and I quickly drove to Kaneohe to get the beast!

Pregnant Meg was eager to lend a helping hand...She gets the award for multi-tasking= growing a baby while using power tools!

The first layer of Plywood came off and we soon called it a night.

Are you sure Hawaii is not a third world country? I guess not because these shacks are $500K-$1 million! Geesh

Anna was acting up so I had to throw her in the dungeon.

Zane and Chris moving part of the skeleton.

Although Chris works over 40 hrs a week (and drives an hour and a half each way) he found time to dig 12 holes in the dry hard ground to set the cement blocks that act as the base for the ramp. Then he leveled base wood. What a guy! Katie had referred to him as a perfectionist...I agree!

Thanks to Anna+Zane, Nathan, Brent+Katie, Dan+Jonna, Morgan, Clay, and Chris for helping throughout the day to not only put the skeleton back together but to cut 2 feet off of one side of the ramp to allow for a walkway! They all took time from their super busy schedules to help put the beast together. You guys rock and have a life time membership with the ramp.

You should see a bunch of skinny married couples around Laie thanks to the exercise opportunities that the ramp offers. Use the ramp for 30 minutes/ 5 days a week and in one month you wont believe the results! We offer a money back guarantee.

Another thanks to Brent and Morgan for helping arrange trucks to get the beast from Kaneohe to Laie. You guys deserve cookies....hmmm maybe I'll bring you some.

You guys are all awesome friends! Thanks again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I love this kid!

Chris's baby sister Krystle and her baby Betty Anna Bella. How cute is she!