Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maternity Pics by Mark Lee of Holladay Photo

I seriously loved being pregnant! Maybe not the first couple of months when I could not eat food (my first love in life), but later when I had the coolest oven in front of me that cooked Darla and Dexter to perfection.

Mark Lee took these pics and they make me so happy (I borrowed then from in the blog section). I have never liked a picture of myself. Maybe it is because I was made fun of all my whole life for having buck teeth ( are cruel) or maybe because my eyes shut half way in every picture I ever take. Kids in Jr. high would ask me if I was high in my pictures and I seriously didnt know what that meant.

I dont know if Mark knew that I was going to dress like a wierdo to take these pictures but I dont know how else to dress? This day was so fun. Thanks for taking the coolest pictures ever Mark!!

NO...that was not a beluga whale in the water silly...that was me!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July Beach Day With the Nuggets

Before we get into the beach day...

Chris (yes I am posting this cuz you all know Jackie never gets to it) was watching the nuggets while Mom went to work and after bath time he tried to find good outfits to look all pretty and cute for when Mom gets home...
...Dex doesn't like wearing his sisters clothes!
It was an honest mistake, the green stripes looked unisex, but the gathered neck and sleeves screamed, "I'm a sissy!"

Now, Beach Day with Mom and Dad,
The yellow cart works great for transporting the nuggets across the sand, a bit more development and I think we'll have a nice covered wagon for the nuggets to protect them from the sun.
Dad stayed on the beach at Castles and showed the nuggets that Mom's still got it.
When Mom came back, we took the nuggets in the ocean for the first time. Surprisingly they actually seemed to like it. Not really even any fussing, not even when they got dunked in a wave. I think they liked being all toasty warm afterward though.
They were so tired after this little day at the beach they seemed like they were going to sleep through the night. After Mom left for work, Dad, fearing their childish stench, woke them up for a quick bath and light meal before hitting a picnic with the friends and heading over to watch the Turtle Bay fireworks.
Darla liked the fireworks and watched the entire time, Dex just slept.But he was dressed pretty festive too.