Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tune in Tokyo

Quick overview of our Tokyo Weekend where we met Katie and Brent for their 12hr layover in Tokyo. We just thought they need some company...

Thanks Jared and Christy for letting us stay at your super cool house. We still might add the walk through video we took of the house. It really was cool. I'd have to raise the door jams a bit so we would quit bonking our heads. Other than that...did I mention it was a cool house.
The trains were surprising quite. Listen carefully and you might hear...


Where's Waldo...and by Waldo I mean "White girls."
Click to try your luck

What's that? No Smorking? Sorry, I don't speak Engrish.

Oh wonderful wonderful business class, how we love your comfy lying down egg chairs, leg room, real food, and ice cream. Finally, no more sitting behind the engines with all those common folk and their loud cramped cheap tickets.

Stiff steps

Who knew the kid with the stiff body would walk first.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I let them spoon feed themselves. I bet Chimps would have done a better job!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Drink your Veggies!

I am lazy and don't want to steam, puree, put in ice cube trays and reheat Veggies for my babies. I just blend them with fruit juice and frozen fruit to make a Yummy smoothie! Watch out Jamba juice, i'm healthier and cheaper than you!


Poor Rubber Duckie, it never had a chance! Did you notice the waterfall of drool coming out of his mouth?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

First spaghetti! I used corkscrew pasta so I guess it's not really spaghetti. They also had broccoli and some garlic bread. Strawberries were dessert and Solid gold Oldies were the sound track for dinner.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Sunday, May 02, 2010

**Preview** - Birthday Party

Just a preview of the kids first birthday party.

Surfing with the kids!
Mommy & Daughter
Daddy & Son
OK fine boogie boarding doesn't really count as surfing but if you can't walk it can still be considered cool.

Daddy's Week

There is a bit of catching up to do, so to start here are some pictures from the week the babies spent with only their Daddy (i.e. Daddy's Favorite Week Ever (no offense to Mommy, Daddy likes her too)).

We Lounged around the house...
Went to bikini beach in hats too small for our noggin's...
Dex made us Hamburgers for lunch...
We took walks to the end of the point...Daddy found some time to sew capes...

Brin, Darla, and Dex made excellent superheros...

We ate lots of bananas from our very own trees...

Very little bananas...

We also went to Kawela Bay...

And yes, we wore our capes.